Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Marketing

July 25, 2021

Over 2.7 billion people use Facebook every month, making it by far the most popular social media platform in the world.

With a vast audience that includes diverse demographics and a range of interests, the site has become a hub for marketing. Despite the world of opportunities that Facebook offers to businesses and organizations looking to advertise, many become frustrated due to the perceived complexity of the platform’s marketing abilities. Fortunately, it is not difficult to learn the ins and outs of this advertising behemoth, it just takes a little work.

What Is Facebook Marketing

            Facebook marketing is an all encompassing term that refers to all the ways that you can advertise and perform audience outreach by way of the site. This includes sectors such as Facebook Ads, Facebook Marketplace, Business Pages, and Facebook Groups. These unique options provide anyone, regardless of their budget or objective, to find a strategy that works for them.

Why Is Facebook Marketing Beneficial

Millions of businesses (around 90 million to be exact) are already successfully using Facebook in one form or another to expand their outreach to potential customers and clients. There are about 1.88 billion users who access the platform each day and 17% of them do so to connect with companies and organizations they are interested in. With these high rates of interaction, it is easy to develop connections with new audiences that can promote the generation of quality leads.

How To Start Facebook Marketing

The best way to begin Facebook marketing is by setting up an official Facebook page for your business. From here, you can have access to features such as the ads manager which allows you to easily track the success of your campaigns and make changes along the way. Following this, there are several things that need to be taken into account including…

Ad objectives: This gives you the opportunity to set goals for factors such as your brand awareness, reach, conversion rates, and lead generation.

Budgets/schedules: Facebook allows you to customize your budget on both a daily and monthly basis. Also, you can set schedules for your ads that put them out at the times that your audience is most likely to engage with them.

Ad platforms: This is where you decide where and how your ads appear on the platform. These include options such as what device type or operating system they will be targeted towards.

What Types Of Facebook Ads Are There

There are several different ways that your ad can be presented on the Facebook platform. These include forms like:

Carousel ads: Users scroll through a collection of photos that show products from different angles

Video ads: Videos that can be used for such things as showcasing products, boosting your brand identity, and providing customer testimonials

Image ads: Static, single picture ads that can be used to drive traffic to your site or business page.

What Makes A Great Facebook Ad

There are several general guidelines that you should follow when trying to cultivate a great Facebook ad or marketing campaign, such as:

  • Using high quality photos and videos for your advertisements and business page
  • Using A/B testing to figure out which ads are doing the best
  • Keep call to actions visible and engaging
  • Include your audience when appropriate to enhance a community feel

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